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This Traveler IQ challenge compares your geographical knowledge against the Web's First Travelogue's other 3,069,405 travelers who have taken this challenge as of Tuesday, September 16, 2008 at 03:04AM GMT. (TravelPod is part of the TripAdvisor Media Network) 

A Trail of Two Cities
E_final.jpg---Due 22nd May!
Challenge: If all Grade 7 students can honestly earn a level 7 or higher in ALL assessment criteria, A-D, (including a 7 for Criteria D!) then I pay for a party with pizza, soft drinks and video games for the whole of Grade 7!
How can you all legitimately earn a 7 or above?

  • By reading and editing the assessment criteria on Google Docs
  • By adding tips at the bottom of the assessment pages to help others.
  • By collaborating with each other.
  • By reading and re-reading and understanding the assessment criteria.

Click HERE for the Tokyo City link and write your suggestion for a Tokyo Landmark.
JUSTIFY your choice and explain how you think you could make it.

Here is a list of landmarks!

"Cities are like living organisms. The continue to grow and evolve."
MindMap task:
Due: First lesson back after the break.
Remember that I am assessing you on Presentation & Organization!

"Why do people live where they do?"
Kyoto-->Tokyo Assessment Rubric.

Notes on Kyoto and Tokyo


People use their intelligence to explain the world, and then create things that have positive and/or negative consequences.HI_final_small.jpg

Task Two...the big one!
This will take us right to the Xmas break.
Groups for group work will be set by me.
Tasks are due each Thursday. You must meet these deadlines.
You will have to organize your time properly. (a Gantt Chart perhaps...)
Homework is expected 2-3 nights a week at least.

Rubric for Logical, Verbal and Kinesthetic

Rubric for Naturalistic and Intrapersonal

Rubric for Spatial

Rubric for Musical and Interpersonal.

Task One:

Great Designers and Inventors .

Our first topic for the year is:
Diversity of Life. "How do different people value their environment?"

Task Three!

Tentative Due Date: 17th Oct.
New due date: 30th Oct!
Because of Camp, ISA testing and my illness...

Task two:
Cause and Effects of De-forestation Essay.

Due: 26/9/08. Both classes.

Bellow is an essay. Very well researched and full of useful info....

The Choice: Doomsday or Arbor Day
By: Jocelyn Stock and Andy Rochen

Why do Trees matter
Population Growth and Deforestation
Logging and Deforestation
Cattle Grazing and Deforestation
Other Causes and Effects
What is Lost
Climate Change
Terms to Know

Causes and Effects of Deforestation.

Bellow is a link to a concept chart showing some of the consequences of cutting down and burning rain forests. (Deforestation).
Re-draw, re-type, print out or create new this concept chart and complete it by placing the correct terms from the list bellow in the blank boxes.
You may create the drawing by hand or digitally.
Look carefully at the chart (zoom in) and you will notice direction arrows indicating cause to effect.
Increase in global temperature
Micro-Organisms die off
Animal habitats destroyed
More timber is available for sale
Loss of habitat. (Fewer trees)
Areas cannot re-generate
Soil erosion
Animals become endangered or extinct
Increased competition for food, animal
numbers decline.
More CO2
Perhaps you could use Bubbl.us

Your first task, "The Pictorial Essay" can be downloaded here.

Here is a sample of the kind of info and pics that you could use.
You can use the images from here or the information but you must reference it.

Good Links:
Rain Forrest Virtual tour!

Rainforest Facts
Use Google Earth to take a closer look!

Homework Task. 9/9/08
Due: Thursday 11/9/08.
Choose one of the flowing tasks:
1. Make a list of things in your home that may come from the rainforest. Remember to look in the medicine cupboard and the pantry as well as looking at the furniture. Perhaps you could bring some examples to school and we could set up a display.
2. Plan a vegetarian meal that uses the ingredients that once came from the rainforests. Be as creative as you can in combining ingredients and deciding on cooking and presentation methods. (3 course meal!)
3. Imagine you live in a society where no one recognizes individual ownership of anything. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of living in this type of society.
4. The Penan people use only rainforest resources to make their blowpipes. How do you think they do this? Use diagrams to illustrate your ideas. Why is a blowpipe better than a rifle in the rainforest?