EnvironmentsEnvironments (E): Although technology may be enhancing and expanding knowledge of the world, students learn that technological change can often be at the expense of the environment. Technology has a role to play in forecasting future events from past trends, stimulating the human thinking processes and controlling production. Students are taught how technology has an important part to play in building a sustainable environment and the suitability and effectiveness of its use.

These are the four central elements of AOI Environments.

ENVIRONMENTS in Technology

Awareness – over the five years of the programme
is it hoped that students will form a broader, deeper and more holistic understanding of their place within the global environment.
Be aware of the fragile balance of the inter-relationship of humans and the environment.

Responsibility – development of positive and responsible attitudes and to gain the motivation, skills and commitment to contribute to their environments.

Reflecting - on environmental issues from a personal perspective; questioning the effectiveness of their actions, or the action of conservation groups.

Action – becoming more active in the promotion of healthy local environments.

What are "Green" Technologies?

How has Technology affected the natural environment?

How can Technology improve my environment?

What is my environmental responsibility?

Will technological advancements 'save the world'?

How does technology effect the school environment?

How does the environment affect design?