Approaches to Learning
Approaches to Learning (ATL): Technology helps students become autonomous learners. Information at their finger tips can equip them to make informed decisions. Internet technologies provide new ways to communicate experiences and allow students to investigate, organise, present and evaluate their ideas in new and exciting ways. Using Web 2.0 communications technologies, students are able to engage and collaborate with a wider community.


=Study habits
  • Organize own work
  • Organize material
  • Manage Time
  • Manage Assignments
  • Engage With Learning Approach tasks
  • Present work


  • Help others
  • Face Challenges
  • Work In Groups
  • Accept others


  • Speak with confidence
  • Learn With Others
  • Inform Others
  • Literacy
  • Graphic Communication

Information Literacy (ICT)How can I access information?
How do I know if the information is reliable?
What will I do with this information?

  • Select and Organize Information
  • Use Digital Media
  • Access information
  • Be Honest
  • Reference Sources


How have my reflections helped me learn? What other reflection tools and resources can help me?

  • Improve Ideas & Work
  • Be Self Aware
  • Keeping journals & portfolios
  • Connect with the AOIs

Thinking Skills
  • Generate Ideas
  • Apply Past Knowledge
  • Organise Ideas
  • Inquire
  • Pose Problems
  • Divergent Thinking